Ain't no party like a Unicorn party

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Since my daughter was little I always went full out on her birthdays and really ran with a theme! When my she turned 5, there was no question about what the theme would be...


She couldn't get enough of them! It's a great theme you can really go to town with. I have never really held a party myself, we normally do an activity somewhere, so if you were making the food, games etc there is so much more you could do. Some blogs I have read, make my efforts look basic, but they worked for this party really well!


This is always my favourite part, and I think I get earlier and earlier in making them each year! I could have designed them and got them printed, but for a true Unicorn feel, a 5 year old would love, I figured I would go handmade. I stocked up on lots of stuff from Hobbycraft and obviously had a full Pinterest board dedicated to them for inspiration. This is the finished look...

I made these invites before I had ever heard of a Cricut machine, so I drew all the shapes by hand and cut them out etc. I traced the eyelashes from a search online and found a sparkly font to go with the theme. I still use this font on lot's of products and it is really popular. Some glitter on the horn and some flowers stuck on and they were done, ready for a very excited girl to give out at school.

Party bags

I have always preferred to make party bags myself. You can often make them for cheaper than buying them and I prefer filling them with things on the theme. This time was easy...

  • Plain white bags - Amazon

  • Some curly ribbon - Amazon

  • Traced the ears on with a black marker

  • Same gold horn, ears and flowers from the invites

  • Filled them with lots of Unicorn goodies

Party Bags =

The cake

I am by no means a baker, or a cake decorator, I don't even really enjoy making them...but I do love the sense of achievement when they are done and for me it is the centre piece of any kids party! I have to say it is always a stressful night in my kitchen the night before the party finalising the cake, I am not really sure why I do it to myself! I knew exactly what I wanted to make for this one and took inspiration from this video...

Isabella and I must have watched this video about 300 times, but it seemed straight forward and looked so effective. I purchased all the equipment needed and made a 4 tiered confetti cake. The best thing I learnt was using almond extract to make the gold lustre dust go on smooth and give a great finish. I would probably say it's the best cake I have ever made and it tasted great too!

Unicorn party = success

As a theme goes it's a pretty straightforward one; the more glitter the better! There is so much inspiration out there or products to buy if you want to make life easier! I also have a beautiful Unicorn bag, which would be the perfect gift for a Unicorn loving little one!

As they say...Everything is better with unicorns!

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